1. 2 minute digital painting. meh but cute

  2. Amazing gift for my birthday. New 2.5gal for Hades. Came with a lid and an adjustable filter. Also had a heater and added a snail :) i love it

    - Jess


    A week ago today, I went to the pet shop.
    They had just stocked up on some new fish, and this special little guy was in the middle of them. As soon as I saw him, I fell in love, and I knew that I needed him.
    And he needed me.

    For what seemed like a long while, I would visit the pet shop to get some supplies, and every time I would stand to look at the Bettas, and he would still be there.
    He was.
    I thought he might be.
    I wasn’t worried about someone buying him, no. Everyone avoided him.
    He was too different for people to handle.
    And if nobody bought him, he would surely be left to die in that pet shop.

    Today, I raced down, and I bought that fish.
    I am totally broke now, but it was absolutely worth it.

    His name is Bartholomew, he is a ‘Rose Delta-tail’, and he was born with a thick layer of scales over his eyes, making him mostly blind. He can see shadows, I’m sure of it, because he always knows when I’m there.
    He eats and swims around like nothing is wrong.
    And there is nothing wrong.
    Nothing at all.
    He sits up on my collections shelf with all of my figurines, where everyone can see just how damned beautiful he is.

    Like my 7 year old sister said to me when she saw him for the first time;
    "He’s not blind, he just has pearls instead of eyes."

    (I probably just wrote that whole thing for nobody to pay attention to, but anyway.)


    So……..this happened. When I was supposed to be doing homework.

    Well I got a little carried away, as you can see. And then I got to thinking…. maybe people would actually want these shirts? Each one (except for the sweater, but I could make that a shirt too) would cost around $20.

    If I get a lot of interest, maybe I could order a bundle of them and you could pay through paypal if you find one you like. I dunno, send me a message!

    Thoughts, my friends?

  3. izzy-the-fish-girl:

    Betta 12 ~by Chris Lukhaup on Flickr

  4. likesplatterpaint:

    The sweetest begging puff eyes.

    Hyooman I love u FEED NAO. OwO

    Probably the best shot I’ve gotten hands down to date.

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  5. theblondeaquarist:

    Just placed a bid on this traditional plakat dude ~


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    Ideas: DIY cabinet using pallets

    I do like this idea! And you?

    I would do this for a fish stand

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  7. phoenixrevives:

    Hi, you’re beautiful, yes thank you

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    I need plant suggestions! Preferably low tech plants. I can moderate lighting and root tabs.

    I’d really like a tall plant for the back of Murdock’s side (right) and I have no idea what I want for slims side (left)

    I wasn’t really into how their tank looks, so I took out most of the plants, other than the swords and marimo balls, and put them all in my 5 gallon tank

    I could even go for plants that are going to stand out of the water

    low-techtank @whoeverelseisgoodwithplants

    I loveeee those sticks, may I ask where you got them and/or what you did to make them aquarium safe?

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